Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Re-Painted Lamp with Burlap Ribbon Shade

I've had this lamp in my living room for a while, but haven't been happy with the way it "fit in" with everything.  Do you have things like that in your house - they belong, but not really?  Anyway, I bought this lamp at a garage sale last summer for $2.00 (no pics before the first makeover - sorry) and I painted it in this Annie Slone gray color, and covered the existing shade with fabric.  

After covering the shade, the light just didn't shine through very much so it was rather worthless to use for actual light.  I know, so why even have it in the room house then... 

I decided that It needed a fresh coat of Annie Slone white paint and a shade that made it a little more useful.  And this is what I ended up with....

   Looks much better, doesn't it?  I actually used a different shade that I had removed all the fabric from, so that I was just left with the wire frame.  Then I wrapped it with burlap ribbon and secured it with a pin.  I could have used hot glue but I wanted to be able to change it out again easily, when I change my mind again....  Which is often!!


Hope you are having a LUVLY day!!

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