Saturday, March 22, 2014

Welcome, Come In

I've been looking at the empty front door for over two months now and decided it's overdue for something to welcome everyone in.  So after gathering up a few odds and ends I had laying around, this is what I came up with....

The grapevine wreath was in the garage (since who knows when) and I found the burlap in the ribbon box leftover from a past project.  The little wooden bird houses were in another box of miscellaneous craft supplies picked up at a garage sale last summer that I spray painted with whatever colors of paint I had on hand.   The moss was purchased last year for who knows what - and never used - Do you have lots of purchased and unused items in your craft supply???  I forgot I even had some of these things!! 

Anyway, I thought it looked rather blah.  It really needed something else... So, I added the welcome banner and this is how it ended up...

The banner is made from paper scraps that were left from the happy spring banner project, and sparkly letters I had in my scrapbooking supplies were added. 

I think it all came together nicely, considering I didn't have to purchase any of it!

Do ya think it's Luvly??

Now I think I'm going to paint the front door.  Maybe red!?  Hmmmm....

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