Friday, March 7, 2014

Laundry Stand

About a  year ago, we purchase a new washing machine and dryer set.  They were both front loading machines, and after seeing the price for the risers ($300.00 each, yikes!!) it was decided we really didn't need them.  Then I saw this fantastic idea on Pinterest to simply build a platform that would function in the same way - except look even better!  

So, I showed a picture to the Mr., printed out the plans, and in less than a week he and his buddy Rex had it completed and loaded in the basement for me.  Thank you Rex!! :)  I don't have any pictures of the process but you can find the complete instructions that were used here, from Ana White Homeaker.  For mine, I painted just front panel white, placed vinyl letters over that, and painted another coat of white paint over the vinyl.  This way, if any of the paint bled under the vinyl it would be the white, and I would still get a clean edge.  Then I painted the whole sha-bang with black water based enamel paint.  After peeling the vinyl letters while the paint was still wet, this is what we ended up with.  

Isn't it beautiful?!  Three laundry baskets fit underneath perfectly which keeps all the dirty laundry organized, off the basement floor, and ready for the washer...  

If the laundry fairies would just come and leave it all clean and folded for me now....  :)  

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Have a LUVLY day!

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